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90% Sodium Chlorite
90% Sodium Chlorite

90% Sodium Chlorite

Molecular Weight 90.44
Apperance White Crystal Powder or Granule
Product Standard

Conforms to China Standard HG/3250-2010

Conforms to US standard ANSI/AWWA B303

Conforms to Europe standard EN-938


  • HYET is one of the leading producer of 90% Sodium Chlorite in China.
  • Sodium Chlorite 90% by HYET is white crystal powder, free flow, easy to handle.
  • High purity, less chloride, very low insolubles, ideal for dilute to aqueous solution.
  • Extra dried product is available, which is ideal for Chlorine dioxide tablets & powder.
  • Ultra fine powder is available upon request.

Sodium Chlorite Uses:

Bleaching textile & fiber, pulp & paper, Whitening sand sugar, saccharin, starch, ointment and waxes, Low temperature NOx control, Chlorine Dioxide Generation, Bacterial control in Oil Wells and Petroleum Systems, Slime control with Chlorine Dioxide, Biofilm control with Chloride Dioxide, Cooling Water Treatment with Chlorine Dioxide, Poultry and dairy process water treatment, Food plant process water treatment, Wastewater Disinfection with Chlorine Dioxide, Odor Control for Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, VOCs etc. Cyanide, Phenol destruction with Chlorine Dioxide.

Sodium Chlorite Package:

In net weight 50kgs UN approved iron drum with strong plastic liner, 18mt in a 20 feet container with pallets, or 22.5mt in a 20 feet container without pallets.

Sodium Chlorite Storage:

Do not mix with acid or reducing substances, Sealed tightly and store in cool and dry place. Avoid sunshine and keep far away from heat and fire.

Sodium Chlorite solid dust can cause respiratory tract, mucous membranes, eyes and skin irritation,if the solution is accidentally splashed into the eyes or skin ,immediately flush skin.If swallowed , immediately drinking salt water or soapy water to make him spit, sent to hospital for treatment.

Acute toxicity: LD50: 120g/kg (rat oral).

Inspection Items
90% Powder Index
  Note: Please ask for MSDS of sodium chlorite solid powder from us.

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